Sian Cao


Deepin Technology Co. Ltd, Software Developer, 2015 - Present

iSoft Infrastructure software Co. Ltd, Senior Software Developer, 2013 - 2015

Red Flag Linux Co. Ltd, Senior Software Developer, Junior Manager, 2007 - 2013


Most of the codes I have written has been in C, C++, Javascript and Objective C. I'm familiar with scheme and python, and have learnt about Go, Ruby and Lua. Six years of Linux development experiences made me familiar with a lot of command line tools such as zsh, bash, tmux, git, awk,grep,vim etc. My major editor was Emacs and now is vim. I had several years experience with Qt and Gtk+。

Personal Projects

sos Present

my new operating system venture

prometheus Present

a simple opengl es based powerup animation app for linux


a naive coroutine lib implemented with c

igrep Present

a simple regexp engine (with only minimal functions now) based on thompson NFA. written in C

iShell Present

a simple shell written in Objective C just for fun.

Semacs 2011

prototyping implementation of micro emacs clone. written in C.

Loopy 2011

cloned from original author, and added some missing features that I needed.


Wuhan University, Computerter Technology and Application, 2005 - 2007

M.S. in Computer Science

projects during study: major languages were Delphi, C++, and familiared with Oracle DB.

Wuhan University, Computerter Science and Technology, 2001 - 2005

B.S. in Computer Science


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