mosh is awesome

I occasionally came across mosh yesterday, and try it today, and found it
really awesome. It does what it promised

to keeps the session alive if the client goes to sleep and wakes up later,
or temporarily loses its Internet connection.

that is power enough to draw your mind and it also supports roaming

Mosh allows the client and server to “roam” and change IP addresses,
while keeping the connection alive.

I just get a chance to try that cool feature some days ago. My wired network accidentally
losted, and my wireless connection took in charge a few seconds later, and as wireless got
connected, my mosh tunnel reestablished.

If you see a log mosh requires a UTF-8 locale when running mosh, it means
there is something wrong with your ssh config. try this:

mosh --server="LANG=$LANG mosh-server" user@ip [your cmd]

or FYI, see this issue

If you ever use tmux or gnu screen, here comes the power

mosh sonald@remote-server tmux attach-session

This saves me a lot of trouble.